Yikes it's been a while since our last blog post!


Do you see our cupping updates and wonder what tf we’re talking about?


Similar to a wine tasting, cupping is a roastery procedure to compare coffee roast profiles. It can be used for function, to check consistency and variations between different roasts of the same coffee, or it can be used for pleasure, to delight in the sheer variety of flavours offered from brewing what is in reality nothing more than the cooked seeds of a plant.

We do cupping every week for the latter reason. Across our espresso and filter offerings we typically have 6-8 different origins which we slurp, taste and guzzle between 11 and 12 every Tuesday. We treat it as an important responsibility; how could we offer our produce with any confidence without properly evaluating it for ourselves!

After doing this for a very long time, we figured we should begin offering it to other enthusiasts who are interested in the current range of coffee we are serving, and also those who are simply interested in a new experience while waiting for their takeaway coffee. We don’t charge anyone for participating, and in fact take a lot of pleasure in introducing people to a side of coffee they mightn’t have been aware of.

So if you find yourself at a loose end, we really encourage you to join us! Coffee appreciation is a very rewarding pursuit and might cause you to reconsider the drink you ritually consume every day, even if you don’t consider yourself a connoisseur. If you have a working tongue and nose we will happily guide you through the process of unpacking a roast profile and frothing out on specialty coffee experience.