2018: The Official Sitch

Right peeps, here it is - time to lay down the official situation for 2018.

Over the past few weeks you’ve probably noticed a fair bit of spamming about what has been something of a revolution here at ol’ Steamy. This is a rundown of what the fuss is all about.

Between chrissy and new years we went hard on the tools and knocked together some renovations to give the place a pretty legit facelift. Whilst functional and hopefully aesthetically pleasing we also timed it to coincide with the launch of a couple of new service concepts I’d like to here formally introduce.

To start with: food.  

(Or rather “heaps decent grub” as I prefer to consider it.)

I’ll be honest, we’ve always been a teensy bit begrudging about serving food. Not out of laziness, I swear! Nah, the food resistance has mainly been due to the distraction it traditionally potentiated towards the quality of our main gear (that gear being bullsh*t good coffee). 

However, whilst buckling down on our bean juice systems for the past three and a half years, its not like we haven't been feeding ourselves. 

Between rushes of caffeine-craving customers, we’ve tinkered and experimented with various biodynamic ingredients to produce some pretty unique dishes, that we realised should probably be shared on an actual menu. 

As a result, our 2018 food is as follows. We feel it reflects our values of taste, nutritional sensibility and ethical responsibility. (And obviously a bit of cheating here and there.)

Screen Shot 2018-01-21 at 5.33.04 pm.png
Screen Shot 2018-01-21 at 5.33.15 pm.png
Screen Shot 2018-01-21 at 5.35.25 pm.png

So alongside the savoury food in our  glorious new refrigerators is a range of other goodies, including insanely delicious raw and vegan treats from Wellness By Tess and The Health Nutt. They’re the kinds of foods that are so many things -free - eg. refined sugar, dairy, gluten and egg - that you’re like “well what is in them then, how can they taste good”. But trust me, when you eat this stuff, you’ll get it - they are absolutely exquisite, and prove that healthy really can be delicious. 

To quench the thirst of those conscious of their gut biome, we also have a large range of prebiotic and probiotic bevs to choose from, including LoBros kombucha and Kreol sparklings. Beneath those is the usual suspects of ADD mineral water, organic coconut water and a number of refreshing pressed fruit juices. 


Our food journey has come a pretty long way in this shop. I mean we started with ma-hoosive slow cooked pork shoulders, poached chicken breasts and hardcore milkshakes: things that despite being delicious were doing no favours to the health of our customers or the planet. Considering our approach now, we are super proud of where our food game has arrived.

Look, here’s our opinion on what ‘eating a comprehensive diet’ means.

There is a legitimate psychological component to eating ethically and nutritionally sound food. It’s something that holds impact beyond nutrition panels and fad diets, something that is not to be sneezed at. 

The level of wellbeing attained by eating mindfully extends beyond simple equation-based macro health, and is something that we believe needs to be experienced to be understood. 


So now, coffee. 

Don’t worry - the nuts and bolts haven't changed. We still weigh every single shot, we still keep our workplace and workflow obsessively clean, we still have a large and constantly rotating list of single origins to choose from.

But we’ve added something new, something we are confident is entirely unique not just to Chatswood, but to the specialty coffee industry as a whole. 

Specialty coffee cocktails.

Ever heard of a dirty chai latte? Or bulletproof coffee? Or espresso matcha? 

These are fad cultural interpretations of espresso coffee drinks, that - whilst appreciated at the right time and place - we feel prevent the full potential of our coffee from being realised. My favourite analogy to give is that its a lot like pouring a beautiful bottle of wine into a bowl of punch. It’ll taste good, but isn't exactly what that bottle was destined for!

So in the past with these drinks, we’ve made them when requested, but we certainly haven't advertised it, and we’re never particularly thrilled about it. But obviously it just seems silly to refuse someone’s request when we do have the ability to produce it! 

So, sitting in the surf one day late last year we had a realisation - if we’re gonna do them, we’ll do them right, and we’ll do the best damn version of them money can buy. 

As such, we have selected particular top-shelf single origins to design our version of these drinks around them. Specific beans suited to specific drinks, added to ingredients that not only fulfil the criteria of whatever the base concoction may be, but are matched to the key components of that origin’s flavour profile. Have a geeze at the following menu to get your head around it. 

So yeah, thats pretty much everything. Hopefully our use of the word revolution has been justified? Well it certainly feels that way to us. We’re super excited. Cya soon!

foodmenufinal4 (dragged).jpg