Club Steamy Saturdays

Ok gang listen up.


Obviously we are really really really keen on reducing the amount of disposable cups we are responsible for. Single-use coffee cups, even when they are as beautifully adorned as ours, are the scourge of the coffee industry. Australians alone generate over a billion of them every year. More than one thousand million!!! They feel like nothing at all one at a time, but goodness gracious do they add up!

Discounting you for bringing your own reusable cup for us to fill with syrupy deliciousness is an absolute no-brainer for everyone. Less in landfill, less out of your wallet. Duh. 

But now the time has come to up the ante. Come see us on Saturdays and BYO cup, and we’ll fill it up for half price. Come see us with one of our cups on Saturday and we’ll fill it up for one dollar. Any coffee, small or large, if its a steamy Frank Green, its full for a buck.

So yeah, that’s the latest. Tell ya missus, tell ya mates, tell ya mum, Club Steamy Saturdays is go!