All Aboard The Bant Train

You know how we really love talking sh*t? Yeah well we're gonna do it online too.

We've been meaning to launch a TSE blog for a while, not only to keep people up to date with the goings-on around the traps in the shop, and also to educate people more broadly about the coffee industry beyond the confines of our walls.

It's a funny world, specialty coffee, and I'm just not sure enough thought is put into where the daily drop comes from. Our beautiful single origins are from all over the world: Ethiopia, Kenya, Indonesia, Guatemala. All very exotic, yes, but what's the other common denominator? They are all incredibly poor.

Coffee as an industry is predicated upon serious socioeconomic disparities between the countries responsible for production is the countries primarily responsible for consumption.

Unfortunately Australia is no saint when it comes to avoiding this ethical dilemma. We love a good cup of coffee, so much so that on average we go through 3kgs each every year. But how much energy do you personally invest in making sure the coffee you drink is responsibly and sustainably sourced?

We are privileged to enjoy a great relationship with Toby's Estate, who are putting a lot of time into contending with the weight of their responsibility as an industry leader. Toby's are committed to corporate leadership in the realms of environmental and social sustainability in a way that no other roaster in Australia - hell, I'd even say the world - has considered. 

So some of the stuff on this blog will be about the global coffee industry and what Toby's and other players are up to, some of it will be about our quest for environmental sustainability within our shop (keep cup discounts, recycled coffee and such). I also imagine some of it will just be general ramblings from Rolls or Sam or anyone else motivated to share a new perspective of this game we're playing, or a story of some experience facilitated by this weird and wonderful drink.

It's easy to tell yourself you don't have to participate in this, and you fully don't. But if you drink coffee 5+ days a week, you should be honest with yourself about your contribution to the world of specialty coffee. If you're thinking, I drink flat whites, this isn't relevant to me, well we beg to differ - if you buy coffee from us, you are buying the absolute Rolls-Royce of coffee, so doesn't it make sense to engage? We think so.

Chuck your email address in the box on the blog page and we'll add you to a mailing list so when new blog posts are released they'll be waiting in your inbox, hot off the press (steamy off the press? nah too much), ready for your perusal.

And as ever, thanks for being part of this journey with us. The amount that we celebrate the baked seeds of a fruit from trees grown thousands of metres above sea level in countries tens of thousands of kilometres away, and then what we do with those seeds, and how much of life is facilitated through coffee, is nothing short of astonishing when you stop and think about it.

So climb aboard the bant-train, TSE blog is live!