The Steam Engine.
Specialty coffee, expertly brewed.
Healthy, homemade food.
The friendliest crew around.
All aboard!


Our names are Roly and Sam.

In 2014 we began the biggest adventure of our lives: opening a coffee shop in Chatswood. We are thankful every day for the opportunity to do the job we do. We love coffee, and we get to foster our obsession within every square centimetre of our shop.

Our staff take the same pride as us in delivering not only consistently amazing coffee, but an atmosphere of exclusively positive energy. It might take a couple of visits to help us remember your name, but we're itching to get beyond the pleasantries and platitudes of traditional hospitality. We want to know YOU! 

Because making coffee for someone is an opportunity to give them something a little extra, something beyond just a simple drink. The world spins a little easier when we're happy to see one another, and making coffee for friends instead of customers is much more enjoyable for everyone. 

So welcome! Thanks for being a part of Steam Engine Coffee!


The Steam Engine has been founded upon the intent to supply the community not just with outstanding specialty coffee, but an outstanding specialty coffee experience.

We are passionate about showcasing the best beans from every far corner of the world with happy mindfulness of what a privilege it is to do so.

In accordance with this philosophy we offer the following advice for customers:

  • Bring back 10 trays, get free coffee!
  • Discounts apply for all BYO cups - 50c off for TSE-branded Frank Green, 30c off for ordinary
  • We have sleeves for hot cups - if you really want another cup they are 20c. They grow on trees!
  • Be kind! Baristas aren't robots and have lots to tell you about your coffee.
  • Kombucha is very, very good for you

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